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The 1991 Bmw 325i Drift Build & Test Engine

The 1991 Bmw 325i Drift Build

What's up! We were supposed to be in falkping for this episode, but we didn't get the parts we needed we needed pistons and now it's only 8 days until Sweden’s biggest car show unfortunately we won't be competing that weekend! We are now putting more hours in to make The 1991 Bmw 325i as good as it can be.

We're paying even more attention to the small details when the pistons arrive, the car will go straight to falkping for wiring work but for now we are at raid power once again I've taken the car to use to get the chassis powder coated they painted all the fiberglass parts, clear coated the carbon fiber. The only thing missing was the doors.
The 1991 Bmw 325i

It's so nice to have lightweight doors, Tokan makes this stuff happen! We've got them now, so they will be shipped to Viktor Mrtensson for paint so we are just working our asses off around the clock, as usual! As I said, 8 days left until the car needs to be loaded in the trailer what we've been up to the last 2- 3 days is mostly getting the front end mounted and ready to go dampers are mounted, brakes are modified to make the wheels fit correctly we've fitted the mock-up engine that we've mounted the exhaust manifold on as well as downpipe and plumbing stuff, we're waiting for the intake it's getting ported at a shop right now everything is flowing nicely Tokan is putting in way too many hours in to this! But we're trying to keep up with him! We've FINALLY gotten our small front wheels.

Thanks to Anders at Kloma for finding them and thanks who financed them thank you so much guys, I love the support you give me! Let's check out the back ! As you can see it's starting to come together we've extended the car, to make it fit with t The 1991 Bmw 325i parts on it to get the cockpit tight we've opted for double rear windshields there's one in the stock mounts and one in the modified M3 frame to route the air in to the radiator and also to avoid cutting in the trunk lid, we are hoping that it's enough! We'll see what happens.

The rear suspension is mounted and done we're just waiting for some parts to mount the driveshaft’s the reinforcement plate that M brag weld and construction made fitted right away we've also got a fire suppressing system from them the foggy kit it's really nice to know that you are safe inside the car if an accident happens you never know, everything can happen in racing! But, yeah it's coming together piece by piece! We're are fighting like crazy to get the car ready for Elmia 2016 I think it's a bit low.

The 1991 Bmw 325I Engine

The 1991 Bmw 325i

The E 36 model was introduced in 1990 as a successor to the E 30. The main focus of its development was the complete renovation. Its designer, Voyk Voyerstarted from a blank page and did not leave any trace of previous 3 series versions. Baring some resemblance to the recently introduced 8 series.

All the negative aspects of previous models were taken care of. And the objective of renovation and improvement was far exceeded. A modern look that still remains until today more spacious on the inside the introduction of more powerful and more efficient engines substantial improvement in its aerodynamics resulting in an improvement in the gas mileage the rear z-link suspension an evolution of the one presented as a novelty in the The 1991 Bmw 325i roadster.

On top of all this it accomplished the challenge that at the end of its lifespan 80% of its components were recyclable. A step in favor of protecting the environment. Due to the success of the four-door E 30 design the E 36 was firstly introduced in its sedan version. Later on its two-door version the coupe was introduced. Regarding its engine the base model came with a 1665cc diesel engine with 90 hp.

The top range model was the evolution of the M50 engine, the M52with 2800cc, 193hp and a maximum torque of 280 nm. Between these two models we can find a variety of different diesel and petrol engines with four and six cylinders. The M 3 initially came with a 286 hp engine. And in 1995 the new version with 321 hp was introduced.

It went out of production gradually. In 1998 the 4th generation of the 3 series was introduced to the market. In 1999 all the E 36 models went out of production except for the compact which was produced until the year 2000. With the E 36 version, BMW marked a turning point leaving behind a legacy of progress and innovation for all future developments. Source:

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