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Driving The 1977 Chevy C10 3 Speed Transmission

Ok, well I thought I would make an update To an article that I posted several years ago. It's the how to drive the 3 on the tree transmission And so we're back here Still a 1977 Chevy C10 And I'm still getting comments here several years later about people. It's bugging them that the steering wheel was upside down in that previous post.

1977 Chevy C10

Well Ive got the steering wheel corrected. The dash was wrong, I had a the truck had an 81-87 dash in it. Not a 73-80 dash in it, The gauge cluster was all screwed up. So I just thought I would make another post.

So let's just get started First gear Pull it all the way back towards you and down And there you go there's first gear Moving into second Up, forward, theres second gear We let it go up It's going to automatically kind of fall forward a little bit It's spring loaded Up into second Then we just go straight down from second into 3rd.

There you go there's third gear That's all it's only a three speed That's all the gears there are Back up to neutral Just kind of jiggle it And I'll show you real quick Reverse similar to 1st Pull it back towards you and then straight up And that's reverse So that's really all there is to it Its nothing fancy Once you get past this, this is just an H pattern Instead of on the floor It's on the column It's still a standard sort of H pattern shift, shift pattern And then the clutch and gas.

1977 Chevy C10 Interior Steer Wheel

That's no different than any other manual transmission You feather the clutch and the gas to get it right And that's all it takes And woo! I almost nailed a hawk! So it's kind of fun! I mean, it's only three speed I've got a 3.73 rear end So 70 mph on the freeway I'm turning Im think it's nearly 3 grand on the engine speed So four speed with overdrive would be nice But I'm not too worried about that right now.

Go first Second And there's third that's all the gears you got You're certainly not going to win any drag races With a 3 on the tree its, it's pretty slow You know 3 on the floor or 4 on the floor Maybe Depends on how good you are But, man, 3 on the tree.

Don't expect to win any races If you do then you're really good or you're really lucky Because it's a slow way to shift So that's really all there is to it I just thought I'd make an update video Seeing as I got everything fixed Everything that was making everybody else nuts in the last video So steering wheel is fixed, dash is fixed Gauges are fixed Pretty well close to done. Well, see you next time guys!

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